Did Your Client Take Things Too Far?

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We all experienced the time when clients take a strategy a little too far and shoot themselves in the foot. It bites big time! All that energy and love that you poured into them to get them back on their digital feet then they go off and join an underground guest blogging network or publish multiple copies of a single blog on gnarly sites.UGH

It seems to be that no matter how many Matt Cutts videos you send them they still take things a little too far. This has been a headache but I feel like I’m slowly learning thing or two; at least I say that right now.

My top tips for working with your client

Be the authority this is why they hired you in the first place. Make sure you continue to feed them resourceful information. Yes, that means continue sending over Matt Cutts video or articles from the industry. Be careful though you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much data because that could work against you in the long run. Make the information clear concise and on target.

Be Honest With Your Client
If there is something notably going south or an obstacle holding up your campaign be honest. Let them know as soon as possible before things get out of hand. People are actually good judges of character and can more often than not tell when a fib is being committed. If your relationship is built on trust and honesty your client relationship success rate will soar.

When your client is making positive achievements in the right direction let them know. Send them notes of encouragement that they are doing a great job. This will help them maintain forward motion and accept continued guidance.

We can easily get on a role with directing the show but often enough we forget to listen. Listening to your clients will reveal the uncertainties they have with the strategy. Knowing for signs of confusion or doubtfulness will give you the advantage of nipping future problems in the butt before things get worse.

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