Celibrate Your Failures

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Most of what today’s link-building has to do with shaping the best pitch or strategy but let’s be honest with ourselves not every pitch or strategy is going to be great. We are going to fail many times in our career but we have to be able to keep focused. Be aware of the failure, learn how to build from the mistakes put your experience from the situations to succeed next time.

How do I stay focused?

The answer is to not place expectation on yourself on the success of the pitch or strategy. Placing expectation on yourself will emphasize emotion and if it turns out unsuccessful then you will end up losing focus. What you need is a clear conscience so if things turn south you can quickly review the strategy, assess what went wrong and pursue a solution. In the end both you and your client will be happy.

What is being aware of the failure?

Being aware of the failure is the ability to know where things went wrong. Looking at the situation as a third part and without emotional investment will help you figure out those crucial parts of the puzzle that don’t seem to be connecting.

If you were aware of the failure chances are you are also aware of the solution. Sometimes people will freeze under failure or get overwhelmed with information that they move forward as if they are moving through jello. If your fortunate enough to be aware of the failure then you haven’t invested expectation and therefor you will more likely be able to move ahead with the solution.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t place emotional expectation and be open enough to to look for what caused the failure. This will free you up enough to take that strategy or link pitch into the next level.

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