CBC’s Free Music Gets Cold Shoulder – retraction

homer simpson

As a follow up to my previous blog post titled "CBC’s Free Music Gets Cold Shoulder" I discussed the new free music service recently launched by the Canadian Broadcasting System (CBC). In my post I incorrectly stated that:

"The main source of contention is the fact that the CBC avoids paying royalty fees because they are considered a not-for-profit corporation."

After speaking with Chris Ball from the CBC’s Media Relations & CBC English Services, Mr. Ball was kind enough to make the following clarification with the following statement:

"(the) CBC does not get preferential treatment because we are a public broadcaster. We do pay fees. We negotiate directly with rights holders on a fair rate or pay the rates ordered by the Copyright Board."

"For example, in January we announced a licensing deal with AVLA, which represents 1000 Major and Independent music companies."

The Audio-Video Licensing Agency Inc.(AVLA) is a non-exclusive agency that provides licences on behalf of record companies and producers for the purpose of broadcasting or duplicating audio and video recordings in Canada.

My apologies to Mr. Ball and to the CBC for incorrectly reporting this detail. Certainly this is a contentious issue in Canada and the United States and we will be reporting further on its developments in upcoming blog posts and on our weekly radio program on WebMaster Radio. Stay tuned!

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