Take that Google

Yahoo! made it into the number one spot this past July for unique visitors, according to comScore. It won’t stay that way, but it makes us reflect and ask what did they do to gain this kind of interest. Of course Marissa Mayer will have to have credit for taking this position; placing the big Goog (Google) behind them. Tumbler was a big 1.1 Billion cash acquisition for Yahoo! and maybe this had something to do with it. It’s an obvious direction, however Yahoo! and Tumbler are still being ranked as two different entities so this fluctuation could just be seasonal movement. Andrew Lipman, comScore’s vice president of industry analysis stated, “Tumbler did not contribute to Yahoo!’s visitor tally.” Before anyone gets too carried away here the numbers between the two search giants Goog and Yahoo! are large, but clearly only marginal. Not enough to knock our socks off. This sort of ranking would have to support a longer trending time before we should even think of spending more effort on the topic.

The Need for Speed

Even though Google hasn’t been clear whether page speed is important for rankings, I speculate that it does. Forget Google thinking how you would want to view a page; I have a very short attention span and if a page takes forever to load on mobile or PC I trash it and probably won’t go back to the site. It’s simple and not to complicated and we don’t need Google to tell us if it does or not take page load speed into consideration for ranking. I think this same notion goes for many other people who coast the web. We want information fast, simple and uncluttered, maybe with a little visual bling to keep us around a little longer. None the less I’m just stating the obvious and that if your page is slow nobody has the time for it so count your loss.

Who’s Watching Your Back?

On yesterday’s Webmaster Radio’s show, Webcology, they mentioned SEMPO – “Search Engine Marketing Professional Association,” and if they need to exist in today’s internet. My opinion is no. I think Jim Hedger brought up a good point when he said, “Back when everyone needed them to do something they didn’t and aren’t showing any signs of doing so today, so why bother?” I don’t think anyone can direct the internet and how things are played or even defend the needs of online marketers, so again, in my opinion forget about it. If it’s education you’re after sure SEMPO might be a great resource, but there are many other resources to find education and networking. That’s my two cents.

A video to entertain you until Google officially comes out about page speed.

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