Blogcology January 30 2014


With the release of Facebook’s fourth quarter report, it’s becoming more apparent that most people who engage socially online are doing so from a mobile device. This expresses the growing value for mobile ready marketing of websites. It also proves that social notoriety plays a key factor when gaining internet interest and authority. If more users turn to their mobile devices but also turn to a social site to connect then obviously if you have a business this is a large chunk of the world’s population contained in one social platform. Go figure.


Want your Klout to go up? Mention Justin Bieber on your social timeline and you can expect your social influence to rise dramatically. Bank on it


Edward Snowden – A Nobel Peace Prize Nominee?
Well that’s a good thought but I have to agree with Dave Davies that he doesn’t really deserve it. The amount of change that contributed to peace is nothing. The irony of this as Jim Hedger pointed out is that the very person who won a peace prize – President Obama – is hunting down the nominated Edward Snowden. The two Norwegian MP’s that represent the Socialist Left Party, Sosialistisk Venstreparti, say that Snoden’s actions opened opportunities for new democratic openness and freedom. Unfortunately, there is no direct impact for world peace which renders this nomination a no go.


The Moz Industry Survey is one of the most looked forward to surveys of the year. No major surprises in this year’s survey; it is everything I expected. It gave a good look at the progress of the market and what will be expected for at least the next little while and noted that there is a steady increase of women entering the industry. How will it look in the future? I can only predict salaries will go up, social media reputation will have a stronger presence and Matt Cutts will run for president.


* I can safely bet that you are a mobile user
* Justin Beiber has klout and needs to get it checked out
* Edward Snowden is not Gadhi
* Moz makes boring stats pretty with lots of pictures

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