Are you sure you want to play in Google’s sandbox? Google Sandbox is a theoretical purgatory where a certain business under manual penalty sits until a review. Unfortunately, many companies are playing around in the Google sandbox and most of them are sitting there because of bad black hat link strategies. For example, Dave Davies mentioned that a client recently reported of sitting in purgatory over unnecessary and malicious link building. A horrible thing but most of the work done today is spent on disavowing backlinks for clients than progressive strategy. This is more likely the given state of affairs until this monster transition settles down.

Too many robots in the kitchen already! From self-driving cars to roaming vacuums Google has now entered robotics with the help of Android developer Andy Rubin. This lifestyle product will be dedicated to making day to day activities easier; catered to save you time by connecting your home to you. The artificial intelligence is built to know each and every user on an individual base far ahead of earlier model concept such as Microsoft once proposed. Google has made advances to where the robot adapts to individuals rather than stick to a ridged non-responsive software.

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