Goldieblocks, an educational toy company focused to increase intelligent learning with young girls. Earlier this month they produced and published a video rewording the Beastie Boys song Girls. This unsanctioned video became viral overnight and caught the attention of the beastie boys themselves. In reply the Beastie Boys politely replied refusing the use of the song explaining it was never their intention to distribute their music for commercial use. Unfortunately, in a poor PR decision Goldieblocks fired back with a lawsuit. Unfortunately, Goldieblox began to arrogantly point fingers reversing much of the positive marketing and commercial direction into a negative focus. In this case Goldieblox should have walked away quietly to maintain the positive marketing effect the video had in the first place.


Google wants to put the words in your mouth. A new patent proposed from Google monitors how you communicate to determine what you would say it would then post it on your behalf on social platforms. An interesting patent but how far could this go? Technology is great but there is a large margin for error and could cause issues in communication. Whether or not this patent makes it to design the idea based on this concept will in no doubt further artificial intelligence technology. .

How important is Google authorship to you?

Google+ authorship authenticates material that promotes quality content and a source of the content with the site is published on. There are multiple positives for any author who has published content with this tag attached. First off the content that is produced reveals a profile avatar that allows the reader to follow the source to the one who wrote the article.

For many companies this can work by magnifying the content giving the content clear visibility when being searched. It also encourages BtoC companies to create a face behind there authority like a digital ambassador and reach their clients easier. The idea behind it is that people tend to click on a face sooner than they would on plain text. In many cases this is showing signs of a more frequent click through rate. Raising traffic but at the same time trust between the customer and the business.

A question that is often asked is should a copywriter be aloud to own his authorship via th rel= author tag. The answer is it depends on the client ,content and contract. If the client is a brand releasing content that is relevant to what you want to be known for then it is probably something to be discussed to be written in the contract. If the clause isn’t written into the contract initially then the copy is expected to be owned by client.


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