Is the acceptance of Bing on the rise? Many changes have been made in the past year making it harder and trickier to rank in organic query from Google search. Although, Bing needs to algorithmically catch up before it can take Google’s 90% of the market share the possibility is that it could still take a certain portion of the sector. Like Davie’s said; “If Bing just ruled the house and gave mobile search to Google than this could become more of a reality.”

Bitcoin is on the rise and major international institutions feel a little inadequate. This money transferring system is a fee simple option for online transactions. Meaning you pay less than you would anywhere for transfer fees. International banking institutions are feeling uncertain of the rise of this system as Bitcoin was once a system to sell illicit goods under an unknown identity. Although groundbreaking it could create a large disruption in what we know today as the economical norm. Because the stereotypical financial institution is so large they are mutually creating a stand still preventing Bitcoin users from utilizing an actual bank account. Although, Bitcoin is deemed uncertain in the a traditional sense of banking it’s ahead of the times in terms of online money transfer. The coin is tossed yet heads nor tails has been called wer’e sure that the future has a place for Bitcoin.


One of the largest SEO conferences SES has decided to switch to Click Z. Many long time attendees and followers are somewhat shocked that a conference like this would change their branding with having so much success. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

A big congratulations to Dave Davies of Beanstalk SEO for his latest interview in the
Sandra Faleris interviews Dave asking how he achieves time after time success for many of his clients.
The internet marketing guru gives a clear insight to how to clear obstacles in the search engine world.


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