In this week’s Webcology episode, the boys try to distinguish which animals are black and white, but possibly make you go hmm. No, not Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or a hummingbird but yet another creature that could blow your digital attention away.


Produce and Deliver. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we love Netflix. Cutting out the middle man might be the way of the digital future. Producers of entertainment media are looking to have more control of the content they produce without the grief of large distribution regulation. Recently, Netflix released their top twenty most viewed shows and three of their Netflix originals made the list. This proves the case that the day of digital entertainment and self-production is strong enough to make a future for itself. This leaves us with a final Techology question; “Is Netflix the ultimate authority in entertainment or is Rob Ford?”


It looks as if the long time lawsuit between Google and the Authors Guild has finally come to an end. The defense team of the search giants proved to show that although Google is scanning 100% of the book only small snippets will be released to the general public. But should the small snippets still be considered the property of the author that wrote the? Dave Davies made an interesting point that the information is a matter of corporate property and the lawsuit was only to determine who actually controls it. Yet if they gave the “Authors” control of whom and what got published maybe this would take a different direction.

Dave asked this stand out question; “Where does human intellectual property begin and what’s the next step in the digital world and what does it mean?” Jim then ties it in to how our social properties are now the property of Google and can be used for advertising purposes and isn’t really far off from the thin lines this lawsuit rides. We are definitely entering vague, shaky ground with who owns who.


It’s a zoo out here and can we handle another cute little Google algorithm mascot? Search Engine Journal released a what-if-Google-did article. A mythical Zebra has been in the matrix mix and many have been anticipating the possibility that this could happen; yet if it did what would it target?

In this fantasy story they walked the most recent updates and theoretically targeted the Ecommerce sector. Although this fictional forecast and The Merchant of Doom Preparedness Kit was a what-if article it caught the best of the SEO’s, creating a frenzy. The article was entertaining but proved a point – that we should consider evolving where Google has already begun to set the trend.


Netflix is good stuff
Rob Ford isn’t the new Google Mascot
Link builders; don’t pee in someone’s pool!
A hummingbird isn’t black and white
Rob Ford is not a good business example.

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