The Blog Quit Talking About Itself…….You Wouldn’t Believe what Happened Next

Sorry for the title but it had to happen.

Some company blogs are similar to bad dates where they continually talk about themselves.


Usually those dates rarely blossom into any relationship. In this content driven world, one sided and ego driven blogs can be detrimental to a company’s online presence. People become bored and most often never return to the blog page rendering the blog a waste of time

It’s important to get a feel for your readers in order to develop a decent content. Searching for content can be as easy as using social media. Do some sleuthing to find out what content they’re sharing with their friends and followers. Go to Twitter or G+ and track down who influences them and what they re-tweet or +1.

Social media is a great place to do competitor research and what content strategy they use. Look for signals that show that the efforts into content they produce bring in a solid return. Look for the ebb and flow of content publication to understand what time of day their audience interacts most often.

Finally move away from content that strictly involves your products. If you’re a sink manufacturer why not write about the plumbing or even interior design. Work to become the resource for the bigger picture of your industry. Keep the content somewhat interactive with subjects they can connect with.

Once your blog is approachable and well-crafted you will begin to convert traffic into your main site.

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