BeLink in Yourself


Getting your link building strategy off the ground needs a little confidence from you and your team. It’s easy to become lost during different times of the creative or pitching process. Often this has to do with a disconnect that you made with the company you’re representing. I’ve seen it before where people lose interest in the company they represent throwing any creative link building opportunity out the window. It’s not your loss it’s your client’s loss.

Remember you are now part of your client’s success story and your contribution is worth a million. It could be that there has been a loss of communication or a creative disagreement but these are things you have to learn to push through. Visualizing yourself in your client’s position is number one when deciding what path to go down as well as learning to know their purpose as a business. This will help you structure a proper link building strategy correctly embodying their brand.

Communication is everything and every client will speak a different language that you. This is why it’s important to teach yourself to adapt to that language but at the same time learn how you can relay your message. With strong communication your strategy should be able to maintain its strength.

These are the foundations to a flawless relationship between you and your client. If you can manage to begin with identifying your client and learning their ways of communication it will be less likely that you hit a disconnect with them. This all contributes to your ability to believe in yourself when constructing that flawless link campaign. Just BeLink in yourself.

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