While we at Beanstalk Internet Marketing believe that there is no substitute for a human when it comes to search engine optimization there are some interesting tools out there that we have discovered in our travels. While we don’t use many of them, we do understand that not everyone can afford to hire SEO experts and are happy to provide those of you who can’t with links to these tools.

While we’ve given each of them a try, most of them we haven’t tested in a real-world situation (basically, we may have tried them out but we haven’t applied changes to our sites based on what a generic software script determines is the best choice with no knowledge of the specific industry, keyword competition, and other site-specific aspects). Some of these tools are genuinely interesting, other are just effective for time saving such as the couple tools we actually do use. They will be separated into “Tools We Use” and “Interesting Tools” below.

Should you know of any reason why one of the SEO tools listed below should not be on the list please contact us and let us know including the reason. We will contact them and assess their eligibility.

SEO Tools We Use

Beanstalk’s Free SEO Tools

Beanstalk offers a variety of free SEO tools on our site that cover a wide array of functions from backlink anaysis to keyword research to keyword density analysis. You might as well try them out, the price is right. 🙂

PR Prowler

PR Prowler from TopNet Solutions searches the web based on your specific criteria providing results with a minimum PageRank that you determine. A very handy tool for your link-building efforts.

Keyword Spy

We are in the process of testing this service. After using the free version for a while we’re just in the process of testing out the paid version but we’re expecting good things.

Interesting SEO Tools



If you own or are affiliated with a quality SEO tool that you believe should be on this list we are happy to hear from you. That said, companies listed on this page have basically been given Beanstalk’s “seal of approval” in the eyes of our site visitors and we take this responsibility very seriously. There are specific criteria which are noted on our “Partnership Application” page. Don’t bother submitting your website if it doesn’t meet these requirements as you’ll only be wasting your (and our) time.

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