How often have you received and email offering to “Submit your website to 85 bazillion search engines for only $29.95/mth!” or some such offer? The fact of the matter is this: most of the major search engines consider automated submissions a form of spam and while they won’t penalize your site for it, they will discard the submission without hesitation. Another significant consideration can be answered by a question, “which search engine do you use?” If you are like the vast majority of people you will have answered Google, Yahoo! , MSN, AOL or one of about 10 different search engines. With well over 95% of all searches being conducted on the top 15 engines (some of which are PPC engines) do you really need to have your site listed on the other thousands and thousands out there, and is it worth the risk of not being listed on one of the major engines to get listed on the smaller ones that may or may not bring you a couple visitors a month?

As a rule of thumb, submit manually, submit to all the major search engines and monitor those engines to see if your site is indexed (listed with the search engine). Once it’s listed don’t resubmit. Submitting your site multiple times to a search engine does not improve your chances of ranking well. It’s essentially like telling you where the corner store is. At first it may be helpful but once you know where it is, being reminded frequently just gets annoying.

Below you will find links to articles on search engine submissions and also a list of the major search engines you should submit your website to along with links directly to their “Add URL” pages.

Articles On Search Engine Submissions:

Website Submissions (part 7 of a 10 part search engine positioning series)

Major Search Engines And Their Add URL Pages

67.5% Google
18.4% Bing
10.3% Yahoo
1.3% AOL
Data from March 2014 comScore qSearch Report Read the full report Here >