Bidding on the pay-per-click search engines can be a time-consuming and constant effort. Getting the maximum return on your investment means weekly if not daily monitoring of your bids vs those of your competitors, evaluating which PPC engines to bid on, and choosing your keywords and then reviewing those keywords regularly.There are a number of resources and tools that claim to “manage your PPC accounts” however, like most things in the search engine world, there is nothing that can compare to the human touch.

Below you will find links to articles on Pay-Per-Click engines and bidding strategies that can help you gain the information that you need to maximize your return-on-investment from these engines. Below the articles you will find links to some of the major PPC engines and a few of the secondary ones. More so than with directories and “natural search engines” the secondary PPC engines can be a great source of leads and revenue. While they will provide for less traffic, the cost-per-click (CPC) is generally far lower allowing you to bid for higher positioning, on more phrases, or on more engines.

Articles On Pay-Per-Click Search Engines And PPC Management

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PPC Resources

Advertising on the PPC engines is fraught with risk. From the risk of loss by targeting the wrong keywords, bidding higher than your ROI would dictate (very common) and of course Click Fraud you need a tool to keep an eye on things. Here is what we’ve found to solve this important issue (this one falls into the “tools we use” category).

PPC Assurance – Currently Offered At 50% Off

While speaking at SES San Jose 2007 Dave Davies (CEO) had the opportunity to speak with Richard Zwicky from Enquisite. They have just launched a tool called PPC Assurance. This tool tracks all your PPC programs, reports where clicks are being paid for but not getting to your site (either your site is down or it’s a bot), when clicks are coming from the wrong locations and a wide array of other factors. The tool even creates and send the request to get your credits back from the major engines when fraud is detected and/or suspected.

We can’t possibly get into all of the details however you can visit their site where they provide a great “run through” on their “Preview” page (note: you’ll have to click the image on the right for it to play).

Major Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Google AdWords

Perhaps the largest and best known of all the PPC opportunities is the Google AdWords program. With this program you will see a significant increase in traffic. the downfall is that due to it’s popularity the cost-per-click can be very high for competitive phrases.

Yahoo Search MarketingYahoo! tracking.$25 Credit

If there is a rival in PPC popularity then it’s with Yahoo! Search Marketing. Again, you will witness a good increase in traffic however like with Google’s AdWords program, the cost-per-click can be very high.

Secondary Pay-Per-Click Search Engines


This one isn’t really a PPC but rather an annual subscription. You choose your keywords and pay a flat rate ($12/yr) and you’ll be listed in the Sponsored Listings on Exactseek and 40+ other directories. Beanstalk first purchased a listing when it was only ExactSeek and found it well worth the money, with the added power of the other engines and directories they’ve added it’s a great deal.

Enhance (Formerly Ah-Ha) – $25 Bonus

Significant increases in revenue can be realized with this PPC engine. In the first week of testing this engine we saw significant increases in both traffic and revenue from the test site. They are currently giving away a $25 bonus for those who open accounts with an initial deposit of $50. We only wish they’d been offering this when we ran our trials. 🙂

ABC Search

With a great track record and low bid costs this engine falls in our recommended PPC category. Bids start at $0.05/click which is higher than many of the secondary engines however with good click-fraud protection the quality of the traffic is higher.


Of all the secondary PPC engines that I we have tested and used ePilot seems to provide the most consistent high traffic. This engine is especially useful for sites in the health and fitness sectors.