Clients of Beanstalk Internet Marketing receive the highest level of commitment to service and rankings in the industry.

Below you will find experiences from clients for who top search engine rankings were realized and who are now enjoying higher traffic for their websites.

Their full names, business names, and website addressed have been shortened to first name and last initial as we believe that it is in poor form for a search engine optimization firm to list their client’s website on their site.

That said, here is a list of the top 5 keyword phrases we have recently attained top 10 search engine positioning for on Google:

  • glasses
  • web hosting
  • internet fax
  • life coach
  • number plates (people in the UK will know how competitive this is)

…and of course phrases such as "seo services", "seo consulting ", "seo blog " and a bunch more for our own site. 🙂

I give Dave Davies and Beanstalk SEO services my highest recommendations. As author of Hiring The Best People I’ve been asked to speak at the biggest human resource conferences in the world on how to get the information you need before making a hire. I’m also a professional SEO and vetted Beanstalk’s methods very carefully before recommending their link building services to my clients. If Dave were doing anything that wasn’t correct in Google’s eyes he never could have achieved and held’s top rankings for some of the most competitive SEO rankings there are like “SEO Services”! I do not hesitate recommending his link building services to my clients, and his article writing service helped my own website attain #2 on Google for “How To Motivate People”.

Steve P.

I have always heard that first page rankings were essential to achieve internet sales, but I had always been a firm disbeliever that we could attain them.  I thought that the companies on the first page were there when the industry was young and that the companies there now were the only ones that could “attain” and “maintain” them.  I WAS WRONG!  Though I was skeptical at first, the long conversations with Dave and his infinite patience with my ignorance told me that there was something different about him and his service.  I was right!  Where other “seo firms” would have taken money and run, Dave at Beanstalk has not only achieved what I previously would have thought impossible—not only first page rankings but IN THE TOP THREE on ALL MAJOR ENGINES—but he has been a guiding force in my company.  With his advice, services, and relentless unexhausting will, going above and beyond the call of duty and scope of what seo services should render, I not only consider him a vital factor to our companies success, but a friend and company employee as well.  Beanstalk SEO firm’s slogan “results, not excuses” does not even begin to describe the level of commitment and achievement that you will receive when you decide to partner with Dave Davies and Beanstalk SEO service …
Forever a loyal customer, partner in success and friend,

Justin C

In this technological age having a professional SEO out source partner, like Beanstalk is to HLC, is a very important element of financial success.

I highly recommend Beanstalk because they are as good as their word and there written contract is for real because they are honorable business people, in an industry that is mostly made up rip off artists.

Hu D

I have been involved in the sale of highly competitive hard goods on the internet since 1995. I have spent countless thousands of dollars on SEO placement promises, Pay Per click and Advertising on other high ranked web-sites only to be disappointed and frustrated 3 – 4 months later. I always have known full well that ultimately the single most important place to be at this point is “GOOGLE’S FIRST PAGE” with highly relevant search terms to our product. “NOTHING ELSE MATTERS”.
Your SEO firm Beanstalk Internet Marketing has fulfilled this and continues to keep us on PAGE ONE for highly relevant “SEARCH TERMS” with GOOGLE.
Good Job …. I’m still with you. I quite simply can not expect anything more.

Steve M

To be honest, I was reluctant to give a testimonial in case one of my competitors see who has arranged my optimization for me. However the discretion and ethics applied at Beanstalk have given me confidence to write. I have had a website for years and always thought of it as an additional tool for my business. However after letting Dave at Beanstalk work his magic it now delivers 90% of my total sales. I have NEVER (and I mean never) had any sort of listing on Google yet I am now on the first and second pages for very competitive keywords. Dave is always more than helpful and has spent hours on the phone to me even though I am in the UK. His site says “Results not excuses”. Believe it. Its true.

Martyn D
Wales, UK

Hello Dave

I would like to thank Beanstalk Internet Marketing for giving me a significant boast for most of my keyword rankings in Google. I had no intentions of using another search engine optimization consultant after my last lackluster experience until I read some of your advice to others on a SEO forum. After reviewing Beanstalk’s website and being somewhat knowledgeable of website optimization I could tell you guys knew what you were doing. Your attention to detail and comprehensive analytical coverage of my website told me you guys don’t just browse you exam and prioritize what needed to done and my many first page rankings and numerous number one rankings is a testament to that. Quality results from quality recommendations … good work 🙂

Jaime M

After years of my site appearing somewhere in the second or third page of Google, and after researching for the best SEO expert, I contracted with Dave at Beanstalk. Within a short time, he was able to increase my site’s rankings to number 2 and 3 on the first page of Google – as well as coveted places on other search engines. He definitely works hard for his clients and is easy to contact with prompt replies to questions and pleas for advice.

Treacy L
San Diego, CA

Dave Davies from Beanstalk has spent a lot of time ‘giving the shop away’ and his insight and openness towards helping us recommends his services highly, especially considering his price point, responsiveness, and in-writing results guarantee.”

Christopher A
Arlington, VA