Cute Little Panda 4.0


On Monday via Twitter, Matt Cutts head of Google’s web spam team announced that the latest version of the Panda algorithm had been released. The Panda 4.0 update is said to target different languages, as well as, the usual attack on thin, spammy content. Many companies are claiming a jump in search query referrals and traffic in the last two days. This reinforces the concept of greater gains for those that have stayed the course of maintaining unique, well written, high quality content.

Although it’s being speculated that this Panda update is the “softer” Panda update that’s been anticipated, and is supposed to help local and small business, it can also be said that it could be significantly damaging to those that have ignored the need for high, quality informative site content. If you haven’t been paying attention the past 2 years and are still creating thin and scraped content you will see a fall in ranking due to uneducated strategies.

While this update may be great for the web, it goes to show that webmasters of all kinds need to maintain education with each and every update. Its unfortunate innocent people may get demoted with the spammers, but updates like this need to move ahead in order for an honest web to move forward. Google has remained true to their 2013 video release that explains what these new algorithm updates are aiming to achieve.

Google is 40% of the internet highway and for them to create smarter search queries not only benefits them but also can benefit you as a consumer. For years the internet has been an overgrown land of outlaws with no specific rules in place. Google has been working hard to organize an erratic mess in hopes to give an honest and calculated answer for those who wish to be seen on its product.

It now seems that in time Google will have enough control of its product to produce a more calculated environment for both client and user.

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