Blogcology January 23, 2014


SEO’s are going crazy from Matt Cutts recent statement on guest blogging. He says, “If you are using guest blogging as a way to gain links, you probably should quit.” What he’s referring to is the many scheming SEOs who are using guest posts in a spammy way to gain advances in search results. The internet has been a large dumping ground of poorly written content with little or no relationship and often no relevancy to the business itself. After the post many SEO’s were ranting and raving on how link building is dead and without this all is lost.

Stop being Drama queens! The answer is to create relationships within your specific industry and don’t fear the nofollow link. Just simply promote yourself and your knowledge – after all, isn’t that how authority is built? Some comments left after Matt’s recent blog brought up this concern and he returned with: “If the links are nofollowed, then they don’t affect PageRank, so it would be outside the scope of my team at that point. A high-quality guest post with no-followed links can still be a good way to get exposure to a new audience, branding, etc.”

The fact is it’s not about old school link techniques. It’s more about the brand connecting, communicating, actually getting out there and creating relationships to gain brand exposure and grow an audience. Google wants more genuine brand involvement with their audience, not underhanded fake approaches for an empty result. Once a company has successfully attracted the attention of a relevant audience it should have no problem acquiring organic links naturally by the audience themselves. If you have a reputable brand and promote it well, natural links will follow.


You better think twice if you felt your identity was safe on the internet. Michelle Stone from AmOne, an online financial support group, explains how far some will go to retrieve your information. Unfortunately, these criminals will go as far as researching your friend’s social posts as well as even communicating with them to pull the information they need for their own financial gain. It happens more often than you may think.
We’re a growing society who shops online more often and need to learn how to protect ourselves against online theft. Methods of payment are crucial when it comes down to protecting yourself from a major loss. Michelle mentions that the best route is by using brand name credit cards because of the added insurance cards offer. Being prepared but also knowing how to be safe is why AmOne is participating In’s data privacy day on January 28th to answer questions on how to stay safe in the digital world. Follow AmOne via Twitter @AmOneMoney for the full scoop on data security.


* Love thy audience and the links shall follow
* If you think you’re digitally safe, you’re probably not

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