$200 In AdWords Coupons

Frequently we get sent AdWords coupons from Google.  You’ll have often seen offers for $50 in free credits (if nowhere else than from your hosting company I’m sure) but we’ve recently received 2 such coupon codes for $100 each.  We generally keep them for clients but as we’re currently not taking on clients … they’re going to be going to waste as they expire tomorrow.  Since we know a lot of our readers are doing online marketing now just might be a good time to add in AdWords if you don’t already.

The coupons are for $100 each, they expire on March 31st and I believe they’re only good on new campaigns.  I can confirm that they don’t work on campaigns where a coupon code has been entered previously.  Can’t blame us for trying Google. :)

So if you’d like to launch into a campaign feel free to use one of these coupon codes for a $100 credit:



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